Work in progress – Stay tuned!

The main project objective is strengthening the connection between social farming and organic farming by supporting upskilling processes of farmers and aspirants to spread organic and social farming for sustainable and inclusive ecosystems.
The project will contribute to the improvement of the existing training practices and to design a common VET syllabus for the so-called “social organic farmer” by boosting green innovation and the transition to sustainable production and inclusive societies in the future.

The activities of the project foresee:

  • a collection of best practices on social and organic farming at EU level and their analysis to create a knowledge baseline as common ground for future development;
  • the social-organic farmer profile description and social-organic farmer vocational training syllabus to identify skills and competences;
  • stakeholders engagement and policy influencing to co-create policy recommendation to boost social and organic farming.

A digital glossary focused on agrosocial practices
A Best Practices document
The social organic farmer skills profile
A social organic farmer VET syllabus
A Policy Recommendations Paper for stakeholders to support the diffusion of social organic farming through adequate educational policies

The project is promoted by European partners: Italy, Hungary and Greece who propose social organic farming as a sector for social sustainable and inclusive initiatives.