Local Validation meeting in Italy

07 April 2023

Local Validation meeting in Italy

The first validation meeting in Italy of the SOURCE project was held online on 29/03/2023. The coordinator AGRIFORM presented the objectives and first results of the SOURCE project to a group of stakeholders consisting of farmers, vocational trainers and teachers, representatives of third sector and voluntary associations and non-profit organisations, representatives of farmers’ associations and representatives of public administrations.

All the participants appreciated the activities carried out by the SOURCE team with regard to the development of social and organic farming. They considered it essential to define the professional profile of a farmer involved in the experimentation of multifunctional services of social agriculture linked to the sustainability of agricultural practices in the European context.

The VET trainers and teachers expressed their interest in incorporating and transferring elements of interest from the Source project into their training.

Representatives of third sector and voluntary associations considered the materials and results elaborated by the SOURCE project very useful for planning activities in collaboration with social organic farmers.